MAR-LEN SUPPLY, INC. Oil spill dispersants were formulated to disperse oil that was accidentally spilled on our oceans, bays and rivers, with the ultimate goal of keeping the spilled oil from polluting the local ecosystem and reaching nearby beaches.

Nokomis 3 is a water-based type of oil spill dispersant. Nokomis 3 is a synergetic blend of many chemicals, which in its unique combination provides usually favorable actions and characteristics in terms of ionic electric charge, dispersing ability, selective compatibility and acceptable toxicity.

Nokomis 3 was first produced in 1971. Over the last 37 years Nokomis 3 was tested many times using new upgraded testing criteria for toxicity, degradability and effectiveness.

Various Laboratories have tested Nokomis 3 for effectiveness and toxicity, meeting the test criteria of the United States Navy, US-EPA, State of California Fish and Game and Mexico.

The laboratories are listed as follows:

  • United States Navy Laboratories, Mil Spec Testing #S-22864A (ships) - Nokomis 3 met and exceeded.
  • Crawford Marine Specialist – San Francisco, CA
  • Pacific Inviro Laboratory – San Francisco, CA
  • TRAC Biomonitoring Services Laboratory – Gulf Breeze, FL
  • MEC Analyical Systems – Tiburon, CA
  • Mudtech Laboratories – Houston, TX
  • Stillmeadow Laboratories – Sugarland, TX
  • Control Químico Novamann – Mexico City
  • Universidad de Baja California – Ensenada, Mexico (in Process)